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Monday, 12 February 2018

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Check Out Before & After Photo Of Childhood Friends Who Became Husband And Wife

Kenyan man, Kirui Luke posted before and after photos of himself with wife to celebrate Valentine's Day.

They met back in 1997 at Kimoigut Primary School in Baringo County as classmates in Standard 5.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Footballer, Neymar has just shared a super hot half nude photo

Ladies get in here! Footballer, Neymar has just shared a super hot half nude photo

Too much sexiness in one photo! Neymar shared the photos as part of his "Towel Series" campaign for renowned photographer, Mario Testino.

Ladies get in here! Footballer, Neymar has just shared a super hot half nude photo

Monday, 12 February 2018

Which Of These Was Used To Train You? A,B,C Or D

Lmao, A,B,C or D? I know some will be combination of 2 even the whole 4! Oh i just love my Naija parents... See C and D below.. lol...

And Dolapo Badmos Zone 2 PPRO also has this to say, lol.....

All except B because my dad won't allow my mum have access to his wardrobe for the purpose of beating us! My dad didn't believe you have to beat to make corrections but my mum? Haaa hmnnn heeeeee! ��My mum that will beat you and you ask "what have I done " and she will respond because you will still do something.��.Kai A,C,D and more that is not on the list were my mum's corrective weapons. I love you mum, all those shaped us positively. #iyateacher #madamdiscipline #Teacherperexcellence.

More @ 

Lalasticlala, Mynd44

Nigerian Man Opens Suya Spot In UK (photos)

A Nigerian man, Abdullahi Mai Kano last week opened a spot called Alhaji Suya in London.

It was reported that the man who's an MSc holder of the University of Greenwich, London, sells all kinds of Suya including Nigerian delicacies which include Kilishi, Yamarita, Akara and many others.

See more photos below..

More @  Lindaikejis Blog

Herd Of Cattle Take Over One Side Of Ikorodu Road (photo)

The herd of cattle was seen roaming in Ikorodu Road yesterday,

See This Guy's Take On Ladies Who Withdraw Consent Mid Sex

There's been a lot of talk lately concerning the issue of consent during sex. Some are of the opinion that once a lady gives her consent, she should finish what she started. Others believe that consent can be withdrawn at any time and the man must respect the woman's wishes even if he is about to orgasm. What do you y'all think of this guy's opinion?

See What Happened When This Lady Tried To Shoot Her Shot. It Didn't Go Down Well

So this lady decided to grab the bull by the balls and make the first step but as can be seen from the chats, the guy didn't respond positively. In the spirit of fairness though, ladies, will you agree to a date if a guy used these lines on you or do you expect something more artistic?

Girl Gets In A Sex Position And Lets Her Dog Dry Hump Her From Behind (video)

 WTH? Girl gets in a sex position and lets her dog dry hump her from behind (video)
A disturbing viral video of a girl getting dry humped by her dog has left people feeling some type of way.

In the video being shared on various social media platforms, the woman is seen on all fours, while her dog climbed on top of her and began dry humping her. The girl seemed unperturbed by what was going on and kept adjusting for the dog to get more comfortable. Her friend filming the act was amused and can be heard laughing in the background.

WTH? Girl gets in a sex position and lets her dog dry hump her from behind (video)

At some point, the dog increased the tempo and the friend laughed harder. The girl being dry humped also joined in the laughter but towards the end she had a look of alarm on her face when the dog wouldn't stop.

Watch Video here>>

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