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Nature is truly an amazing thing yet there are moments when we are left scratching our heads in disbelief or wonder over things that are beyond human comprehension.

Despite advances in technology, there remain a lot of places on Earth that remain undiscovered or mysterious, especially those found under our oceans and seas.
If there remain many mysterious places on land where it is easier to explore, there are more located underneath the waters where exploration requires not just a lot of money but also time, effort, and various equipment which might not even work in these mysterious places.

We share below a compilation of 10 mysterious underwater structures as compiled by HerBeauty. These mind-boggling structures and phenomena continue to be a mystery, without hopes of a solution in the near future – or can you suggest answers to these puzzles?

Check them out in this photo series and tell us what you think…I personally feel scared about #8, Devil’s Sea – but the Underwater Falls look stunning!


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