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"Some people look at me like, 'Oh my God'."
The Croydon sessions have been such a success that artists have demanded more.
"They are just so excited and can't wait for the next one," said Andrew.

"It's not like life drawing – it's like a performance. It's just like nothing else they've seen."
Andrew added: "I did another event last night – it was packed, nearly 200 people. Everyone is 'wow'. They are just watching you. It's rock show modelling, a physical performance.

"It literally blew them away."

The poses between the models may look very intimate but they are just focusing on holding the poses, Andrew added.

"We can't afford to think about anything else," he said.
"There's not any room in your head to think about it.

"You're just using your body in as expressive a way as possible.
"This is about trying to educate people to move beyond their preconceptions of nudity."

In fact, Andrew said he is so busy concentrating he doesn't even really look at the other models.
"It's quite weird – [I've got] two young models and I can't remember it," he said.
"I'm sure it's the same for them. It's just not really a thing. It really is, 'great, the pose is over'. You can't wait to let go of each other. I have done poses where they are hanging on for dear life."

Andrew doesn't spend hours in a gym to maintain his sculptured physique and impressive stamina.
His modelling work combined with cycling, yoga and what he describes as his own form of resistance training has been enough.
"It's not rocket science," he said. "I never go to a gym.
"Your own body is a gym. You don't need to do a lot physically. Core strength is what it's about.

"It seems to work. I'm constantly being asked to train people."
We can't all be great artists but maybe after reading all this and looking at the photos you feel inspired to give it a go.

"You have got to be willing to try," said Andrew. "You might as well try it with something quite spectacular that actually ignites the passion. If you go to some evening life drawing group and have some model who might not want to be there it might just switch you off."

He continued: "People feel your kind of energy and they feel your kind of passion. It is all about the artistry.
"I get into my zone. I am just concentrating on maintaining the pose. People see that and they start to see you not just as a body but as a shape."

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