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In an Exclusive Chat with LIB, Nigerian singer and nudist, Maheeda, disclosed that she's addicted to  nudity and entertainment.

'For me I felt like daring it, it's been what I wanted for a while but I always chickened out so I just took the bold step and I know that nudity is not evil so I just started doing it'.

When asked if she has stopped she said;
 'I haven't stopped, why will I stop. If I have to do it in a musical video I'll do it'. 

She says she's also open to acting nude in a movie. When asked by LIB if she would act nude in a movie, she said;Yes I will, If I have to go nude in a movie I'll do it, but the pay has go be right'. How much will be fair enough to get you nude on set, 'I really don;t know, but we can start with 50million naira (laughs)'.

Maheeda however insisted she'll never do pornography;

 'No, no, no, I won't do that she said. I can act a sex scene but not showing me in the actually act. I want to keep that for my man'.

Maheeda who is currently in Lagos, and ready to make a return to music after a 3 year break also revealed that her going away, was to be with her daughter who needed her attention as she entered college in Holland.

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