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when i read that the world’s most expensive photo had recently been sold at auction forover $4.3million, I was keen to have a good look at it to find out what exactly makes it so great.
My first impression of the photo was that I didn’t like it, not at all… but then I looked for a few seconds longer and it began to grow on me, then grow on me even more until I couldn’t stop looking at it.

It’s not often that this sort of thing happens to me, especially when it’s hard to even distinguish what makes the photo so great in the first place.

The photo is called Rhein II and was taken by Andreas Gursky in 1999.

The photo is lacking any really strong visual weights and, with multiple horizontal lines, the photo looks balanced; the lines reinforce the feeling of strength and earth.

More than anything, the photo gives me a feeling of being very organized. the fact that the lines extend to the end of the frame makes it seem as though they could go on forever. When you consider that this is in fact a photo of a river, that notion becomes a lot more significant.

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