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Morin Oluwole is a Nigerian lady who has left her footprints on the
sands of time by working with one of the most reputable companies in
the world.

The brilliant young lady of Yoruba descent is the business lead as
well as chief of staff to the vice president of global marketing
solutions at Facebook.
Despite joining Facebook in 2006, the intelligent and pretty woman has
occupied different positions and has helped the company soar on
eagle's wings.
Oluwole has recorded series of success stories upon joining Facebook.
She was part of those who launched most of the innovative tools made
available to millions of users across over two hundred nations.
Interestingly the Nigerian born career woman has a background in
sciences as she has a bachelor's degree and master's degree in human
biology and sociology.
It is incredible that the brilliant lady was able to move across
fields and end up in technology and marketing. Like many Nigerians,
Oluwole had hoped to be a doctor when she was younger. Her experience
as anintern in an emergency room took the scale off her eyes and
encouraged her to explore life. Her background however helped her get
a job at Facebook as the company was in dire need of resource people
with different skills.
Oluwole did not make herself an outcast as she tried as much as
possible to make friends and build relationships every step she took
on the ladder. At the moment, she has friends in almost every sector
and take it upon herself to nurture her relationship with them.
According to her, relationships are important in developing one's
personal career. In the same vein, she noted that one should not
solely rely on relationships and connections as they could fail.
Outside her professional path, there is more to Morin Oluwole. She
speaks five languages and has lived on three out of the seven
continents in the world. Oluwole manages brands like American Express,
Michael Kors and other world's successful brands.
She steers the wheels of Daily by Morin, her personal project which
focuses on life and style. The fashion portal has over twenty five
thousand followers.
The intelligent lady has her background in human biology and
sociology. Her goal in life is to be part of something great' to work
with the head of global advertising in ensuring that the best business
and sales organization is developed. Having a clear understanding of
the kind of impact she wants to make in the society has helped her go
this far.
She made use of knowledge and kept herself informed as she understands
that every bit of information is relevant as it would determine how
competent she is at the long run. The member of the Facebook team
considers Lagos to be a home as she got most her values and point of
views about life from there.

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