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How We Met
By the Bride, Billie
I was living in Dallas and interviewed for a project in Houston, Texas. The position was very competitive and I was underqualified but I had faith that God would direct me to where he wanted me to be. I was offered the role but little did I know that God had an even bigger blessing in store for me in Houston!

A few weeks before I was scheduled to begin my new role in Houston, I decided to co-host a small going away/Christmas party in Dallas with my friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth lived in Houston and was going to catch a ride with her friend OJ from Houston to Dallas for the event. At this point, Elizabeth had mentioned OJ’s name several times and tried multiple times to hook us up, even though I mentioned to her many times that I wasn’t currently looking for a new relationship.

Elizabeth had invited OJ to the event as one of her guests. Upon arrival at the event, OJ came bearing Christmas gifts for both Elizabeth and I. I thought that was very odd for someone that I barely knew to buy me a Christmas gift… and I immediately knew that this guy was different. During the event, OJ was the life of the party… completely opposite of me. I am typically quiet and reserved.

After my relocation to Houston, I threw another small Super Bowl party and invited OJ to attend. Not only did OJ attend, he brought the drinks and assisted with the party set up. I really admired his willingness to be such a good friend… with no strings attached.

OJ and I continued to remain friends and I began to really like him and more than just a friend. He was such a true gentleman and treated all of the women in his life like queens! However, OJ wasn’t ready for anything serious and continued to dodge the idea of a relationship.

Fast forward a few more months and I began to give up on the idea of a relationship with OJ. All of my friends advised that I “fashi” him as I was getting older and didn’t have time to wait around for a man that wasn’t ready for a relationship. I didn’t take their advice because I knew OJ was different and he wasn’t the typical unserious Houston guy.

One night, OJ invited me out to dinner. During the dinner, he apologised and expressed that over the last few months he was taking his time to get to know me as a person without the pressures of being in a relationship.
He mentioned his fear of jumping into yet another bad relationship. He also said he asked several people about me and that everyone only had great things to… and then he popped the question…Billie, will you be my girlfriend? I was speechless but managed to blurt out a soft “Yes.”
…And now, we’re planning our wedding!

Our Love Story
By the Groom, OJ

Our paths first crossed in our early 20s, when we both worked for an agency in Houston. We had mutual friends but unfortunately, we weren’t close and I don’t think we ever said a word to each other at the time. So life drove us in different directions and our paths wouldn’t cross each other for another 11 years. By this time, Billie was living in Dallas and I was still based in Houston.

A mutual friend of ours “Elizabeth”, who we both stayed connected to along the years is responsible for reconnecting us. Elizabeth knew I was single and although she didn’t know Billie and I knew each other from our younger days, she kept insisting I meet her friend “Billie”. She just kept on saying “I think you guys would go well together “.
I diverted from her offers to meet Billie, citing that love had kicked my behind in the past and I wasn’t ready for the experience again or I simply was too busy for a relationship.

Months passed, however, Elizabeth never gave up. In December 2015, I was telling Elizabeth my plans to drive to Dallas and spend Christmas with my cousins. She then asked if I would drop her over at her friend’s house in Dallas, not initially telling me it was Billie’s till we were half way into the trip. She then invited my brother and I to come back for Billie’s Christmas get together.

Upon arrival, my brother and I were walking down the corridor and Billie walks past. She looked so gorgeous I wanted to tuenback for a second look but I didn’t want it to be obvious. So I waited as long as possible but as soon as I looked back, Billie turned around and caught me taking a second look. I was kind of embarrassed but at the same time, we noticed each other.

Months passed and we didn’t become any closer as friends and by this time Billie had moved to Houston for a job, so Elizabeth went to work again. She would do things like separately plan movie nights with Billie and I, and wouldn’t show up.

As time went on, Billie and I began to form a friendship. I got to know who she really is as a person and who she aspires to be. Billie is beautiful but I realised her truest beauty lies on the inside. I fell hard for Billie.

I could see her my best friend, my life partner, and most importantly mother of Oni’s. I knew without a doubt, God saw my heart cry and sent an angel from her throne in Heaven to heal me and show me God’s true love. Because I fell in Love with Billie, my faith in God is restored and forever strong.
The Proposal

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