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The Leader of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila (APC, Lagos) on Tuesday told his colleagues about the sorry condition of prisons in Nigeria and claimed that up to 100 inmates get accommodated in a room with some sleeping atop each other.

Gbajabiamila accordingly called for urgent attention to the state of the prisons.

The leader raised this points under personal explanation during today’s plenary session and stated that as part of his birthday celebration he visited prisons in Lagos but found the conditions to be inhumane and require urgent attention.

“100 bodies accommodated in a tinny room, sleeping on top of one another,” he said, adding:
“Several inmates that have no business are in there, they are in prison for misdemeanour, however due to poverty which makes them unable to pay the option of fine, are now languishing in jail”
He called for urgent actions to decongest the prisons through legislative measures and urged relevant committees to introduce bills where inmates convicted of little misdemeanours can be given sentences of community service.

“Sanctity must be brought to our prisons. Concerned committee should introduce bills on community services, where offenders of misdemeanour can perform community services”.

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