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The comparison that exposed Ehirim
Winner of 2016 Mr Ideal Nigeria, Prince Ehirim has been dragged around social media and called many names after he was caught hands down photoshopping himself into the 2018 Audi A8, to deceive his unsuspecting followers.
It has become the practice for some Nigerian celebrities to deceive themselves and live fake lives as they have constantly deceived their fans by posting fake photos of bags, cars and even dogs while quoting huge sums they purportedly spent acquiring the items.
The original photo
Oge Okoye, Kcee have trended for some time now after being caught trying to deceive fans.
Just like the duo mentioned above, Ehirim decided to play a fast one but was called out as fans bombarded him with comments and calling him a lair. He was forced to edit his post adding: "And haters would say it's photoshop." in his caption. 
The photoshopped version
Why celebrities will continue to live fake lives still baffles many, but Nigerians have been warned not to live their lives by following after them because most are fake and can push one to do the unthinkable. Many believe celebrities who lie about little things as their lifestyle basically have insecurity issues.

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